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Realization of parts for the building

Type of parts:


Anti-return, shaft, lock nut, spout, cap, boss, spider, assembly nut, flywheel nut, female end, male end, gland, injector, moving core, pillar, tappet, coupling, shoulder washer, wheel, seat support, teat, rod, needle rod, nipple, valve, adjustment screw


Trigger shaft, output shaft, lever shaft, valve plug, flange, valve body, lug nut, spacer, flange, stud, injector, sleeve, mandrel, centering pin, rivet, sealing washer


Arm pin, hinge pin, hinge pin, button between backer, screw cover, steel barrel, counter pin, follower body, base, carrier, spacer, nut, follower, sheath, hinge, pin, lantern, insert, latch , latch, pellet, handle, pivot, bolt, plate, pin, piston, protector, reversible washer, rosette, rotor, cremone bolt, cable clamp, rod, adjusting screw.

Fire security:

Splined tip, stop ring, stopper, diffuser body, striker body, nut, washer.


Shaft, stop, barrel, clevis, half-ring, guide, insert, support bearing, block, centering pin, locking pin, washer, bearing, baluster support, grating support, trunnion, attack rod.

Materials machined:

Steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, plastic.


Layout store, packaging machine, machines for food industry, agricultural equipment, handling, lifting, household, urban fittings.

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