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Equipment for medical, scientific research and nuclear

Type of parts:


Adapter, hinge pin, hex pin, bar, cap, flange, chamber, body, end cap, cryode end cap, cap, flange, adjustment cap, air nozzle, connection sleeve, nut, grid, insert, nipple, sleeve, hubs , bearing, foot, rivet, fitting, ball joint, reduction, sole, rods, crossing, pivot screw.


Needle, latch pin, stopper pin, reduction ring, clamping ring, junction box, threaded plug, retaining plug, stainless steel flange, base barrel, cable clamp barrel, sensor body, clevis, head body , finger, threaded end, crimp end, base, crimp spacer, crimp nut, flange, sleeve, locking sleeve, bulkhead, pad, male connector, female connector, crimp washer, rivet, sensor head, connection head, connection screw.

Nuclear: Absorber, shaft, end piece, piston, pressure screw.

Materials machined:

Stainless steel, aluminium, plastic.


Beds, trolleys, armchairs, equipment for technical platforms, mixer, sterilizer, cryogenics, dentistry, scientific research, nuclear, patient mobilization.

Image de Hush Naidoo Jade Photography
Cryogénie + capteur mesure
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